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The KCF will promote and run activities for young people looking at themes crucial in the promotion of healthy, active living.

The ACTIV8 PROGRAMME is our current activity of focus. It is a peer driven programme designed to promote the benefits of healthy, active living in the outdoors to student of Waikato secondary schools.

Students will be encouraged to form a school committee to discuss, develop and run initiatives within their school and regional network.


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We at the KCF are hugely passionate about sharing a positive and challenging outdoor experience.


The KCF is looking forward to running the Pirongia Trail Run in the Waikato region.

This is a community focused trail event, suitable for all ages and abilities. Check out the WEBSITE to see how you can take on the challenge.

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A speaking series consisting of a number of ordinary Kiwis who are doing extraordinary things is planned nationwide. Speakers, where possible will be alumni from local schools or from within the region.

Further, focus will be given to the promotion of the sport and outdoor field. Speakers will act as ambassadors and role models for healthy and active living.

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