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At the Kiwi Challenge Foundation, we rely on external support to help make a positive impact within the community. To find out how you can really make a difference to someone's life, check out below.



Everybody loves a gift that keeps on giving, and your contribution will do exactly that! A portion of all financial support will be placed into an endowment fund, which will be continually invested, making sure your dollar goes a lot further. Find out how you can donate to the Kiwi Challenge Foundation below:


Donating to the KCF is a brilliant way to help out your local community and encourage the promotion of healthy and active living. Donations will focus on getting Kiwi youth in the outdoors and encouraging them to engage with each other and the environment.

Since the Kiwi Challenge Foundation is a registered charitable trust, all donations over $5 are eligible for a tax credit, you get a third of your donations back! See IRD's website for more information.


Payroll giving is an easy way for your organisation's employees to support the KCF. A small deduction can be made automatically from their pay to KCF.  It's a IRD initiated scheme which sees that donation tax credit immediately returned to the employee. Everybody wins. For more information visit IRD's website.


You can leave a gift that keeps on giving to encourage Kiwi youth to live an active and healthy lifestyle. If you would like to leave a gift to the KCF in your will, we recommend first receiving advice from an advisor.


If you've got an event or mission planned and would like to align yourselves with the KCF, we would love to hear from you! Having a charity associated with your next event will give it that little something extra. It's a win-win-win scenario; you promote the KCF, the KCF promotes you, and the attendees support both of us!



If you're more inclined to give your time, get in contact with us and we can let you know how you can help!

We are always looking to build our KCF network, so if you, or a group you are part of would like to help promote healthy, active living to Kiwi youth, we would love to have you on board.

  • It may be something as simple as volunteering to lead a trip into our local mountains, or;

  • Using the KCF ACTIV8 programme material with your family, church or community group or school, or;

  • Sharing your journey information, photos and positive experiences with the network and social outlets

Whatever you've got in mind, we want to know about it! Sharing is caring.

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